Lori Moussapour, M.A., LMSW


Lori FARG photo.jpg


I’m Lori, founder of To Empower U! I am committed to helping people push through challenges to find both passion and balance in love, work and play. I am married, a mother of three, with cherished and strong family and friendship ties. I love writing, reading, and traveling, and am a wanna-be cyclist and foodie! I have lived long enough to know unendurable loss as well as indescribable elation.  Because one of my children has serious food allergies, and other related health challenges, I have learned to navigate life with food allergies, engaging in all life has to offer - school and community inclusion, dining out, and tons of travel! My coaching and consulting strategies are often informed by these personal interests and experiences and they are always informed by diverse and extensive training. I am schooled and experienced in also offering a wide variety of social work services, including supportive counseling and therapy, when these modalities best support my clients’ goals.