My mission at To Empower U is to transform perspectives on living with challenges. As a licensed social worker, consultant, certified educator and coach, I draw from the most effective framework(s) and experiences to provide the support, education and inspiration needed to make change and live empowered!

To Empower U

Life offers a rainbow of experiences, from joy to pain and everything else in between. For some, the pain that comes with life's challenges outweighs the joy. Others simply find themselves stuck and need to create new paths. I offer services designed to help you tap your resources and potential to help you navigate your challenges and move towards change, growth and healthy, balanced living. Learn more about how you can find support for parenting, navigating transitions or loss, finding fulfillment in relationships, school or career or simply attaining other life, love or work goals.

Food Allergy U

When you or a loved one receives a food allergy diagnosis, it is often overwhelming and is always stressful! Worry may permeate your life. I offer coaching and educational services designed to teach safe, sensible and healthy practices for food allergy management to help you feel more confident, competent and relaxed. Learn more about how you can self-advocate in schools, workplaces and community settings and how you should and can eat out, join family and friend celebrations and travel with food allergies.  I also offer consulting services to those wishing to promote more sensitive, informed and inclusive communities.

To Inspire U

Find support, education and inspiration in writing! William Nicholson said, “We read to know we are not alone.”  Explore my blog to find practical, real life stories and reflections on life... specific to your area of interest or intrigue! Your challenges and pains and achievements and joys are unique to you and your circumstances. But in so many ways, you are not alone! Find a topic of interest that speaks to your life's journey and read all about it! Be a part of a community of open-minded, respectful learners who push through challenges and learn to live, work, love and play!  Click LEARN MORE to read my blog. 

While coaching my child academically, Lori works closely with me so I can best support him at home. She also assists me in understanding what I can and should expect from the school versus what is more appropriate for us to be doing at home. And I am excited to note that after working with Lori for about 2 months, his grade has improved dramatically.
— Pam
Lori brings decades of experience as a social worker and general life wisdom to the task of food allergies. She is both sensitive and pragmatic about real life situations and offers counsel with genuine thoughtfulness.
— D.B.