Welcome to my blog!

I believe in the power of support, education, inspiration and empowerment to help us push through life's challenges! I have dedicated my professional life to empowering people in personal and professional endeavors to navigate the hard stuff. Here you will find stories to remind you that you are not alone and to inspire you to live, work, love and play passionately and empowered despite life’s challenges.

Life offers us a rainbow of emotions, an entire spectrum of experiences from unspeakable pain to elation. Art, human kindness, love’s first kiss, a hard-earned accomplishment, a dry, warm bed, long-lasting friendships and rich cultural experiences (think food, drink and traditions) fill our hearts and nurture our minds and bodies. But all of us also have to navigate and survive challenges and change - breakups and divorce, job loss, relocation, health problems, parenting challenges and heartbreaks, debilitating worry or stress, pervasive boredom, dissatisfaction or unfulfillment in our life work, and none of us are immune to the toughest of human journeys- losing loved ones.

Support, education, inspiration and empowerment help us push through the hard times! Read on to find stories about navigating transitions or loss, finding fulfillment in relationships, school or career or to achieve other life, love or work goals. See the possibility of tapping your resources and working through challenges towards change, growth and healthy, balanced living. For those of you living with life long, life altering circumstance, I invite you to join us at the proverbial table to find inspiration. Since I care for family members living with life long and severe food allergies and food related health challenges, my writing draws from such personal experience, but the hope you find therein, applies to the spectrum of life’s hardships.   

Follow this blog for practical, real life stories and reflections on life! William Nicholson said, “We read to know we are not alone.” May these entries in some way, remind you that you are not alone and may they inspire you to power through life’s challenges.