If you or someone you love has food allergies, we are here to offer support, education, empowerment and inspiration so that you can feel confident and competent at managing your food related challenges.

Certified Allercoach

As a certified Allercoach, I have undergone thorough training in the core fundamentals of food allergies, food intolerances and other medically necessary diets. I have been trained in best and safe practices for the kitchen and cooking, personalized shopping and kitchen and home set up.  My mission is to help you live and feel more confident, competent and empowered to dine out, travel and self-advocate when needed at school, work and in relationships so that food allergies and intolerances do NOT hold you back or make you or a loved one feel excluded. Check out my FOOD ALLERGY U services below to see how I can help EMPOWER U to live more fully! 

Coaching fundamentals

Food Allergies 101

Learn about your food allergy, how to avoid allergens and cross contact and prepare for an emergency reaction. 

Ready, Set, Prepared!

Learn to prepare for doctor's appointments, declutter, organize and reduce risk in the kitchen, read labels and identify your allergens,  food shop, and develop snack, meal and recipe plans -  all tailored to your lifestyle and budget. 

Informed, Practiced and Empowered!

Learn your rights, practice emergency response and build self-advocacy skills when facing challenges: Specialized one on one training and role playing based on your individualized needs and goals. 

Let's celebrate!

Learn to navigate parties, social gatherings, romance and the holidays with food allergies and other medically necessary diets!

Let's Eat out and Travel!

Don't let food allergies stand in the way of dining out and travel! Learn to eat out and travel smart, safe and often - despite food restrictions. 

Family Support

Food Allergies at School

Learn to identify and communicate your child's needs, develop IHP or 504 plans, and advocate through collaboration. I deliver a one of a kind service that teaches you how to partner with your medical practitioner and school leaders to identify comprehensive and ideal accommodations for your child - to keep him safe and fully included in all your school has to offer. Imagine after just one consultation going home with a "wish list" of accommodations to ask for at your school meeting! 

Planning for Inclusion!

Learn how to prepare for pediatric allergy appointments, preschool or school meetings, field trips and school events, after school activity, summer camp vetting, and birthday parties! Plan for inclusion! 

Safety Training

You,  your family, friends, your village (teachers, caretakers, after school programs, etc...) and co-workers can learn the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to care for a person having a severe allergic reaction, including how to administer epinephrine using an auto-injector. Private or group Red Cross Certified Instruction offered. 

Empowering U Products

I help you identify and purchase the specialty products that help you engage fully in all life has to offer, despite your food restrictions. They help you prepare allergen free food, dine out, travel and be fully prepared for emergencies. 

  • Individualized travel cards
  • Individualized translation cards
  • Dining Out Cards
  • Emergency Preparedness Kit
  • Food Allergy Kitchen Kit

Use our contact page to inquire or set up a purchase of one of these empowering products! 

Institutional and Community Support

Food Allergy U can help institutions and communities create more food allergy safe and sensitive practices. I am trained to work with restaurants, schools, camps, workplaces, and after school and enrichment programs to create more inclusive programming and services. I help them align with state and national "best practice" standards and in doing so broaden their market appeal and potential client base. I value collaboration and partnership, and work hard to understand all of an  institution's constituent needs and resource limitations and opportunities. You set the pace and my work is to help you bring about practical and realistic change to improve safety, sensitivity and when done properly, your client base!