Helping Students and Parents During the College Process - Nurturing Integrity & Protecting Self Esteem

Dear High School Junior (cc: Parents), 

You are strong, smart and destined for lovely things. You are so much more than your scores, high school transcript and college application. If you are lucky you will someday come to see that you will also be so much more than your job titles, annual income, house size, car class, resume or social media profile. But, for now you are caught in the college application vortex - a chaotic, stressful, biased and unhealthy process - sustained sadly by all the important adults in your life, your peers and indeed you too. You will of course make it through this process. In fact, you will likely come out of it, beaming with pride and super excited by your journey to college. But sadly, the process can take a toll on you, if you let it. Don’t let it!

I coach families through this process, not towards admissions - there are specialists who can help with that - but rather towards finding balance and growth during this challenging process. Very few get through this process without distress - anyone who promises you that is predicting a miracle. But I do believe that you can navigate your final two years of high school, with all the blessings and challenges of your unique circumstances, with integrity and your self-esteem in tact.

So, in short - if it’s going to be a vortex of chaos and stress, try mediating the negatives and highlighting the positives. What follows are some thoughts and comments on the process, for you, your parents or anyone guiding you through this season of your life - highlighting its inherent pitfalls and opportunities. I will talk about how to handle what feels unfair, how to avoid feeling victimized, how to keep things in perspective, practice gratitude for the opportunities ahead of you, maintain integrity, and keep your relationships healthy and supportive during the process. Here’s to hoping something resonates with you and helps to center you. For more support and guidance, for you or your family, contact me!

Compassionately yours, Lori